Mariana Stoessel
Tini y mom
Biographical Information
Full name Mariana Muzerla Stoessel
Nicknames Mama (By Tini and Francisco)
Gender Female
Physical Description
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Dark Black
Professional Information
 Mariana Muzerla Stoessel is the mother of Martina Stoessel and Francisco Stoessel.She is married to Alejandro Stoessel. She is often seen on the set Violetta or wherever Tini has to go.

Life and Carrer Edit



  • She has to children Martina and Francisco Stoessel
  • She is married to Alejandro Stoessel
  • She supports Tini and Peter's relationship
  • There is always pictures of Tini kissing her on the cheek
  • She is not really an actor or anything
  • She comes to watch Violetta En Vivo


Tini photoshoot
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